Men's Swim Trunk

Spandex Trunks and Less.

Not long ago your only choice in swimwear was between trunks and Speedos but now there is a world of swimwear fashion for men. The choices men now have rival that of women's swimwear. There are trunks in all shapes and sizes from the standard big baggy trunks down to the smallest micro short shorts. The term men's swim trunk does not mean shorts only, it includes Speedos, Bikinis, Thongs, G-strings and other extreme swimwear designs. Visit any of the hippest beaches and you will find the majority of men are wearing something sexy like a hot micro designer bikini.

Men's swim Trunk
Wwim trunk designs come in many flavors.
There are the standard Board short style mens swim trunk suits,  standard length
men's trunk shorts and even form fitting European style mens swim trunk
The European styles are all form fitting and some are very high end designs that
can cost hundreds of dollars a far cry from the common board short mens swim
trunk styles you see at the beaches in California and Hawaii. One of the newest
trends in mens swim trunk styles are the bikinis, thongs and even g-strings. For
years swim teams and many swimmers that were doing it for exercise used
swim trunk styles like Speedo suits. These are a cross between the form fitting
European suits and real men’s bikinis.
Speedo mens swim trunk designs are perfect for guys who are tired of wearing
giant baggy shorts but still a little weary of taking the jump into full bikini
style trunks. By the way once these men start looking at bikinis they open up a
whole new world of mens swim trunk styles. There are actually different
categories of bikinis for men, just as many designs and styles as there are for
women. Personally I never work out, that is swim in any thing larger then a
streamline mens bikini. Bikinis come in many sizes, full back bikinis, Brazilian
rear bikinis, ultra narrow mens bikinis, string bikinis, micro front bikinis,
male enhancement bikinis, male to female transformation style bikinis that are
very feminine indeed, sheer and semi sheer bikinis, ultra micro bikinis, bikinis
with built in rings to make men look like real men if you catch the drift.
swim trunk bikinis offer you a wide selection of styles, everything from
competition style mens swim trunk
All the way down to the most extreme tiny bikinis some with completely sheer
fronts. These designs originate in Europe but even the sexiest mens bikinis are
becoming very popular at beaches in the USA as men over here learn to have the
freedom of showing off all their hard work in the gym. Many men get their first
bikini style mens swim trunk suits as gifts from their girlfriends and wives.


Swimwear trunk designs come in a variety of prints and colors. Some are plain while others are having floral prints. You can find plain colors like black, gray, brown, or lively colors like orange, red, yellow green and blue. You can also get multi-color men’s swim trunks.

We offer a variety of exclusive men’s swim designs, all designed and made for the stylish man. We have a broad range of men’s swim trunks. All our men’s swim trunk fashions are made from superior fabrics selected for comfort and durability.

Our designers bring riches of experience earned from years of working in the fashion industry. All of our men’s  trunk products are designed and finished in house at our producing site, with each refined item having our own exclusive brand label. Vigilantly selected material combined with modern producing technologies, allow us to offer our customers guaranteed quality at sensible prices.

Men’s Swimming trunks
Our snug and fitting, light weight and comfortable men’s swim trunk fashion are made from good quality modern lycra and nylon fabric. These swim trunks are very durable as they are made using highly excellent material.

Types of Men’s Swimming Trunks
 Men’s  trunk designs are most common type of men’s swimwear, as they are appropriate for men of all ages, physiques, and fitness levels. Most men do not feel at ease in a Speedo or any other revealing swimwear, and so men’s swim trunks suit any man’s taste. Many men are starting to open up to men’s swim trunk designs in bikinis, g-strings and thongs. These styles are very popular in Europe and South America with these being the main mens swim trunk designs on their beaches. The market for these sexy mens swim trunk designs are growing bt leaps and bounds in the USA!

Although a good number of people think trunk is a swimwear that just bears a resemblance to typical shorts, there are in fact two explicit kinds of men’s swim trunks that are differentiated by their length. The primary, and more widespread style, are average medium length. These men’s swim trunks generally reach to the mid or upper thigh and permit considerable tanning. On the other hand, surfing shorts or Boardshorts are usually longer, reaching as low as knee in some types. Although they might be more stylish, yet surfing shorts give very little chance for tanning, and might produce distinguishing tan lines, which might be noticeable if standard clothing shorts are of shorter length.

Selecting Men’s Swimwear Trunk Fashions
 If you are going to buy men’s swimwear trunk designs, you should always look for those trunks that are more comfortable and sensible to wear. Comfort is the main consideration. Next is the style. If you are looking for comfortable  swim trunk styles, obviously, you would want to go for a loose but secure suit for the sake of freedom of movement. The style likings can change according to your choice and your activities.

There are several points to keep in mind if you are going shopping for men’s swimsuit styles.

· Fabric: Most regular suits are prepared from polyester or nylon so that they get dried quickly after the swimming. You can go for heavier fabrics if you want, as they are more robust, and the men’s swim trunks can also be used as casual beachwear.

· Interior lining: Many men’s swim swimsuits have an interior lining made from net for extra support and safety. This is a precious feature for the men who are used to briefs or other firm fitting garments. The hot new bikini, thong and g-string mens swim trunk style do not have lining, they are meant to show as much of a mans shape as possible.

· Pockets: Many men have their important things with them, like keys, cell phone or money, even when they are at the beach, and the pockets in men’s swim trunk ought to be adequately deep to provide accommodation to small items. Many  trunks come with additional secure pockets that have a button or Velcro flap to prevent things from falling out.


 · Waistbands: Some  trunks come with elastic waistbands while others come with a drawstring type waistband. While the elastic one is more comfortable and quick while wearing, the drawstring one is more durable. With years, the waist size may change and the drawstring one would be better in that case.

· Leg width: Some men’s swim trunks are made to be more firm and fitting than others and might be too tight at the thighs, whereas others might be too loose-fitting and prone to bubbling and twisting.


 · Colors and patterns: Many different patterns and colors are accessible, from more subtle plain shades to printed Hawaii ones. Theoretical patterns including geometric shapes like squares, triangles, etc. are also well liked, chiefly in greens and blues, as they are the colors of water. For the more daring man, animal patterns and more bold prints are also available. A lot of designs also mark corporate logos and designer labels.

When it comes to wearing men’s trunk styles

When wearing men’s bikini trunks, the main concern is safety. Though young men have a preference for a style that drapes lower than the hips, it is significant to keep in mind that when the suit is wet, it will weigh a lot more and might sag too low for politeness. Normally men’s swim trunks should be worn at the waist, or lower on hips, or even drooped, as the person’s own preferences go.

When it comes to swimming
 Because men’s thong trunk designs are somewhat loose, they might make you face an odd risk in the water. They might fill up with packets of air, thereby bubbling or bulging uncomfortably. This happens mostly with nylon trunks, and not with surfing shorts, as they are generally made of heavy fabric and also due to their length, do not normally trap air packets in this way. If you have a problem of bubbles in your shorts, merely press the shorts from up to down into water until all the air is out. When leaving the water, be sure to squash the pockets to avoid excess water from pulling the suit down.

Men’s trunks are very well liked type of men’s swim wear, and although they might give the impression of being unimaginative and very basic, there are in fact many different kinds of men’s swim trunks offered in a variety of colors, styles, lengths and patterns. You just have to choose the pair of men’s swim trunks that best suits your requirements, and you will definitely have a great time at the beach, lake or pool.Mens swim Trunk
Men's trunk thongs are taking the beaches by storm. Thongs offer very little
rear coverage. Like a woman’s beach thong men's swim trunk thongs can cover up to
half of your butt or leave almost 95% of it exposed. Thongs take a little
getting use to but they are in fact very comfortable. Thong pouches come in many
shapes and sizes. Swimwear trunk thongs can have a full flat front pouch,
Speedo brand made one and still might all the way down to micro front and fem
style pouch fronts. A fem style front pouch makes your front pouch are look
exactly like a girls front would look. It makes your equipment disappear. A
micro front pouch is different then a fem style pouch. When it comes to men's
swim trunk
designs a micro pouch has the space, it usually balloons out to hold
everything but covers very little skin. Most men and women that wear micro pouch
suits are completely shaved in the pubic area. As far as swim trunk designs
go my personal favorites are the micro pouch fronts in thongs and more often in
g-strings which we will touch upon in the next chapter.  Men seem to like swim
trunk design thongs in solid colors. Solid black thongs make you look very thin
but they also make you look very small up front, to me that is a worthwhile
trade off. Other men enjoy thongs that are solid white. White thongs look
fantastic and grab a ton of attention. The major downside unless you are an
exhibitionist is once a white trunk thong gets wet it is always sheer.
In order for a thong to fit it’s best they are almost never lined so when they
get wet everything can be seen. If you are small everybody sees it same if you
are large. I wear then once in a while and though I am on the small side and
completely shaved people do enjoy seeing what is in the package making wearing
white suits at times one of the most exciting things you can do wearing
swimwear designs.
If you are out going and enjoy attention white might just be the right choice
for you.
No doubt you will meet lots of people wearing white. Everyone feels the need to
take a closer look!
Do thongs ride up your butt. Generally not when you are laying down tanning,
they can actually be very stimulating to wear. If you are at the beach
bodysurfing wearing a thong sometimes they tend to ride up but just like the
girls that wear them you will enjoy the feel once you do it for a while. Thong
men's thong bikini trunk designs leave some of the sexiest tan lines you can have. When
you undress for your girlfriend or in the locker room instead of being white all
over you have just a little sexy patch of white skin and everything else is tan.
It just looks so great.

Buying Sexy Men’s Swimwear
If you enjoy sun, surf and sand then you will probably be spending a lot of time down on the beach this summer, and if you want to look your best then throw out those baggy old swim suits and invest in one of those seriously sexy men’s swim trunks that are now available from both high street shops and specialist online stores. Men’s fashion has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few decades, and there is no longer as much stigma attached to men spending time and money on their clothing and appearance as there once was, and this attitude has transformed beachwear resulting in some seriously sexy men’s swimwear and posing suits being designed to show off a toned butt and awesome package!

If you visit top beaches in Brazil, Australia, Thailand and the US then you will see acres of toned, tanned flesh on show, and both men and women will be showing a lot of ass in some of the skimpiest bikinis, g-strings and thongs on offer. Many gay beaches are also the ideal places to show off a fit body, and you will see all kinds of seriously sexy men’s  trunks, some of which can be very revealing and designed to titivate and arouse. If you do want to try out sexy men’s swim trunks when you are on holiday then it is a good idea to take a trip down to the beach as soon as you arrive and get a feel for what other people are wearing. Some beaches can be quite conservative and family orientated, and skimpy g-strings and revealing form fitting pouches not really suitable, and this is why it is a good idea to have a more traditional swim suit on hand, just in case you need to cover up a bit more when you exploring away from the comfort of your beach towel.

If you are interested in sexy swim trunks then look no further than, a fantastic website renowned for stocking some of the most sexy and erotic men’s swim trunks currently available, from flirty little micro bikinis through to very naughty slim line thongs with optional butt plugs for an intense but discreet sensation of deep penetration. provide everything you need to look hot when you hit the beach, and also stock a number of erotic and seriously ‘in-your-face’ posing suits that can spice up any wardrobe.
• Cock Fantasy, $32.00 – if you are proud of your package then why not show it off in this stunning men’s swim trunk which combines a revealing sheer design with a penis shaped, skin hugging pouch and seductively designed rear. The Cock Fantasy is swimwear heaven for those extraverts out there, but be warned this highly arousing suit should only be worn in gay friendly areas and places where people love a good show.
• Invisible Venture, $36.00 – this is one of the most erotic men’s swim trunks in the catalogue and is not for shy and retiring types as it is the height of pleasuring giving swimwear and combines an innovative maximum exposure design where the front pouch is designed to stay in place without any support from the thong rear. The acrylic plug beads are the key to the design, and once they have been lubed and carefully inserted inside they keep the suit firmly in place, and it is up to you whether you share the secret of how this amazingly erotic men’s swim suit works, or keep the people guessing. There is no coverage at all between the legs with this suit, and the best thing is that you can display a serious amount of smooth, shaved skin if you want, or you can keep your legs together and the Invisible Venture looks just like any other classic micro thong style men’s swim trunks. This ultra sexy suit is ideal for experienced anal sex lovers, or those who are just starting out and want to explore just how intense this sensation can be, with the added sexy twist of being penetrated by the acrylic beads discreetly whilst in a public place.
• Nucleus, $31.00 – this teeny tiny bikini is great for the beach or a pool party and the design offers full rear coverage, but with a sexy, ultra slim front pouch that just shapes around your package, leaving very little to the imagination. A full shave or wax is a must with this micro bikini, and the best thing is that because it has a full rear you can wear it beaches and public places that frown upon g-string or thong style men’s swim trunks, and still feel super sexy and get a lot of attention. The barely there design of the Nucleus front pouch is not for the faint hearted, but it feels amazing once it is on and hugging your package tightly, and is a fashionable and sexy suit that will help you stand out in the crowd.
• Polyamorous, $32.00 – this is another one of the great bikini style men’s swim trunks from that provides both sexy design with a practical level of coverage, so can be worn at those beaches and public areas where g-strings and thongs are not normally welcome. The Polyamorous provides a full pouch so that you can keep your package firmly in place, and although the rear is full, it has a slim, sexy shape that really shows off a tight butt, and the waist straps are narrow and very flattering, and overall the suit provides a lot of support so is ideal for swimming as well as parading around on the beach. A flirty little twist to the Polyamorous is the minimal coverage in the between the legs section, which can allow you to flaunt smooth shaved skin if you want (or keep your legs together and play it modest!).
• Sweet Spot, $33.00 – no matter how big your package is this amazingly sexy swim suit can provide you with a fem-style ultra smooth front bikini, which is perfect for turning heads and getting lots of attention down on the beach. The Sweet Spot grips your shaft firmly between your legs, creating an almost flat bikini front that looks absolutely sensational and can allow you to get in touch with your feminine side, no matter what sexual orientation you are.
• Temptress Bikini, $33.00 – this Temptress style men’s swim trunk is also available in a g-string version and like the Sweet Spot creates a stunning fem-style front, creating an eye catching smooth, ultra flat look. The adjustable sides and underneath sections grip your package, pulling it firmly between your legs to provide a completely feminised look that not only feels great but looks super sexy too. This stunning fem-style bikini and g-string design is lots of fun and is so effective that you can create a believable feminine look with just a few adjustments and this is ideal for those extroverts who want to really let their hair down and make believe some of their favorite fantasies.
• Skin Bikini, $32.00 – another one of’s fantastic men’s swim trunks the Skin Bikini is quite unique and the designer describes it is a ‘hybrid’ men’s swim suit that combines the sexiness of the g-string and thong styles, with the form fitting coverage of a bikini bottom. This innovative design utilizes the great stretch and form hugging qualities of Lycra, and combines a sexy slim cut front panel with a super narrow cut rear, that offers a great tan line without being too revealing for those more conservative beaches and resort areas. The Skin Bikini is a practical and hot looking choice when it comes to men’s swim trunks, and manages to be arousing without being too ‘in your face’.

Choosing Your Men’s Swimwear
Men’s bikini trunks can come many different materials and styles, and the quality and fit will vary so it is important that you try them on before you buy if you can, as returning swim wear is notoriously difficult as pool chlorine and salt water can damage the fabric and no store will want to accept the return of swimwear that doesn’t have its original tags still intact. If you are buying online check the websites return policy before you make a purchase, as you will not be able to try the men’s swim trunks on before you buy and you need to have the flexibility to swap sizes or return the product if it doesn’t fit. Here are just a few tips for buying men’s swim trunks:
• Style and Design – swim trunks come in a number of different styles including board shorts which reach down to the knee and are quite baggy (not so suitable for swimming but ideal for surfing, volley and covering up on the beach) and also bikini bottoms (often referred to under the popular brand name ‘Speedo) which are ideal for swimming and also provide a slim line suit which can show off a toned body. G-strings and thongs are also available for men’s swim trunks and these are for the more adventurous beach goer as they show off a lot of flesh, and may not be suitable for some of the more conservative family beaches.
• Materials – men’s swim trunks are made from a range of different materials with their own unique properties. Nylon and polyester men’s swim trunks are practical and dry very quickly, so are a good choice for those who don’t want to have to change when they get out the water. Lycra is slower to dry but is very stretchy and comfortable and ideal for the more daring men’s swim trunks that are designed to be form fitting, and the heavy material provides good support for sports and swimming activities and doesn’t sag or slip down when wet. Unlike Nylon and polyester, Lycra will not collect air pockets, so there is no fear of your swim trunks releasing air bubbles at inopportune moments! Nylon, polyester and Lycra can be combined to take advantage of all their individual strengths, and are all resistant to fade from chemicals and salt water, and come in a wide range of colours and patterns.
• Usage – think about what activities you want to take part in before you buy any men’s swimsuits. If you just want to strut around showing off your body and working on your tan then a good quality g-string or thong will be ideal, but if you want to take part in any energetic water sports then you will need something a bit more supportive, and you may also need a net lining if you are wearing the looser short style swim wear just to make sure your package is kept firmly in place. If you don’t want to have to worry about your valuables then some short style men’s swim trunks also include pockets in which you can keep money and keys, and it is best to look out for pockets that are zip sealed, as Velcro or buttons are not so secure if you are taking part in energetic activities.
• Cost – if you have a tight budget for your summer swim wear collection then it can be a good idea to choose one classic pair of men’s bikini bottoms in a basic design for swimming and everyday use, and then treat yourself every now and then to a special, sexy pair of men’s swim trunks that you can wear those times you are visiting the more adventurous beaches and want to stand out from the crowd. You can pick up good quality men’s bikini bottoms from any sports store, but the extra special men’s swim trunks may need to be purchased from specialist suppliers such as, and you should be able to find a pair that suits you in your price range. have some sexy men’s swim trunks from as little as $29, so why not save up and treat yourself to a pair that will make you feel just that little bit more sexy the next time you hit the beach.

Men's swim trunk

The world of fashion swimwear is upon us.